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We're currently transitioning from our old site www.yellowhousecollective.com to Ren+Rose's new site and wanted to make sure we move along those tips to help you make the most of your new investment.

Our hope is that the items can be repurposed or used for many years and passed on to others who can use the product.   The satin string can become stretched out depending on the physical wear and tear/heavy usage and we're happy to provide a service that replaces the string if need be or happy to repurpose your beads if you no longer need them.   We want to keep the merchandise safe for usage and be eco-concious with our decisions at the same time.  Just email us to inquire!

Some of our best tips:

- We wipe each necklace and teether with a pacifier wipe prior to it's sale, but suggest a quick sanitize mode (same as you would with any modern pacifier or bottle) before regular usage.

- Any wood bead or teether should be conditioned to keep it in top quality shape for long term usage.   You can use any food safe wood conditioner as you would for utensils and cutting boards, but we would also like to suggest items can always be treated with beeswax, flax seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.   These natural oils and waxes will be mild enough for baby and depending on how often you clean (daily?) and how (dishwasher vs hand wash) should be used monthly.  (If you don't do this to the items in your home, specifically in the kitchen - we would like to remind you that they will last a very long time if treated well.   Saves money and less waste = win/win!  You can set a date like the 15th of the month or 2nd saturday of the month so it doesn't feel overwhelming!)

-We personally use the dishwasher for our necklaces and teethers/pacifier clips.   With day to day life being busy enough a quick overnight wash is key for our sanity.  It's totally OK but please make sure it is able to dry properly between uses so the string under the beads do not stay wet and potentially give mold spores a chance to grow.  A good sanitize method from time to time can also be helpful to ensure the items safety.      

- When on the go, we like to bring along a set of pacifier wipes for when a sink is not handy.  You can find them at major retailers.

For wands with ribbon:   

-Each item can vary depending on it's usage by the recipeient.   We suggest adult supervision with children under 3 but our little one LOVES to play with the wands.   We just make sure he's not running around with it where it could break the handle and injur himself.

- Ends have been sealed with a non-toxic '7 free' clear nail polish.  You can trim ends with sharp scissors and use either a clear nail polish or clear glue if somehow they begin to fray.

- For even longer lasting products we suggest mositurizing the wood rings and dowel rods from timee to time.  Any of the items mentioned above would work perfectly.   This can eliminate the possiblity of the wood drying out and causing splinterse.

- Spot clean with mild soap or water and air dry if wand becomes dirty.  Some of our wands are made with 100% wool so if you have a wool cleaner - even better!

Please see our disclaimers attached below and feel free to let us know if any questions by emailing create@yellowhousecollective.com

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