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silicone beads featuring small mini stars on white nylon cord and white safety breakaway clasps

Star 10 - ~28" Gray/white mini stars with pink, purple, white and marble beads
Star 15 - ~22" white mini star with gray, blue and white beads
Star 16 - ~25" gray mini stars with pink, white and marble beads
Star 17 - ~26" yellow mini stars with gray, blue, and green beads

As with any hand made product for children, please be mindful of their developmental age and physical ability and inspect the item regularly for possible wear and tear. Silicone beads should be tough, but CAN be worn down or broken and become choking hazards. Item should always be used while supervised. Necklaces are for adults, but can be sized down for children if desired. Please note that you take full responsibility for item once purchased regarding the health and safety of your child. Color of item may vary slightly due to the nature of individual monitors settings or photographic light sources. Please know that we have done our best to try to make the colors true but can not guarantee colors are exactly the same.

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